What we do at sics

Property Management

Tenant Selection

We carefully select tenants for your property. A rigorous screening system checks everything from criminal and rental histories to payment capabilities, ensuring that the appropriate tenant is entrusted with your property every time.

Rent Payments

We oversee every step in the payment process and have a system in place to enable tenants to pay their rent monthly.

Property Inspections

We conduct thorough inspections on a regular basis; providing you with photos and updates on your property’s state. If there are maintenance issues that require attention, you will be contacted and updated throughout the process. Transparency is important to us and we will never willingly withhold information from you.

Ongoing Tenant Support

Constant contact with tenants allows us to identify issues as they arise – not after they’ve become a serious problem.

Building a Relationship With Your Tentents

At sics, Property Management, simplifying and streamlining how property management is run prevents time wastage, confusion, and frustration.

Building Renovations

Home Renovations & Remodeling in Nigeria


SICS Property is one of the top home renovation building companies in Nigeria, with 6years of experience working across a wide range of construction and renovation projects, including kitchen designs and property renovation. Our dedicated team of building and interior designers has won numerous awards over the years for our building designs and can help you achieve your dream home.

Home Renovation Services

SICS Property offers the following construction and remodeling options in Nigeria:

  • Home extensions
  • Double-storey extensions
  • Verandas
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Period home restorations

Home Renovation Costs in Nigeria

No matter which property renovation option you are interested in, you can count on SICS to provide you with the best solution at an affordable price. We will take care of every detail, including plumbing and electrical services.

Our experts thoroughly assess and measure each space to determine the best design options for your home along with the renovation cost. For instance, if you are interested in kitchen designs our team will help you choose the best flooring, lighting, and fittings.

Facility Maintenance

Flexible and Responsive

At SICS, we pride ourselves on tailoring a facility services management plan that is both flexible and responsive to your ongoing needs. We deliver seamless cleaning and maintenance services to over 2400 sites across Nigeria – so you can rest assured that we can provide the right solution for your facility. 

Commercial Cleaning

Tailored cleaning solutions
At sics, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why we tailor each service we provide to guarantee a seamless experience for your guests and clients.

Care is at the heart of everything we do… and you’ll find it in the quality service we deliver consistently and safely.


Extensive expertise

At SICS we have extensive experience in asset maintenance, call, and minor capital works. We currently provide facility maintenance to 40 schools across Abuja. At sics, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why we tailor each service we provide to guarantee a seamless experience for your guests and clients.

Estate Maintenance Management

We Oversee the network estate, working closely with the Regional Overseas Security Manager and Security teams to ensure the effective implementation and management of projects, technical reports, reactive works, preventative maintenance, general estate procurement, furnishings, maintenance personnel, and contractor management.

Property Development

SICS Property provides innovative solutions to the projects that it undertakes on behalf of its clients. Innovation has created numerous models that add value and limit risk throughout the development process.

Security Services

  • Security Guards (Gate Men).
  • CCTV Installations and Maintenance.

Outdoor Maintenance

  • Street Light Installations.
  • Street Light Maintenance.
  • Street Light Monthly Inspections and Maintenance.


  • Provide accounting property management services.
  • Make payments on behalf of the owner (Mortgage, insurance, HOA dues, etc.)